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Commercial Estate Agents London


Here at Mortimers Commercial Estate Agents London, we help businesses to acquire the right property and avoid costly mistakes. We also work with landlords of commercial property to get the best value out of their property.

Commercial Estate Agents & Property Consultants‎ – London and Surrey

We have been working as commercial estate agents in these areas for more than 15 years and have in-depth knowledge of the property stock and value.

Our Specialist Sectors – Food, Retail, Office, Industrial, Development

We have experience with clients in each of these sectors but can also offer professional commercial services in other sectors.

Our Services – Property Management, Rent Review and Lease Renewals, Commercial Acquisition, Lease Advice, Valuations, Building Surveys, Dilapidation Advice and Schedules of Condition

Owners and tenants of commercial properties have different needs and we provide tailored services for both.

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Want to know a bit more first?
For a quick low down on the different commercial property services we’ve put together a short guide below.

Mortimers Commercial Services in London, Surrey & Hampshire

Property Management
We let and manage commercial property of all types.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals
We advise on rent and lease renewals for landlords and tenants of commercial property to help you get the best possible outcome. Our fees include an incentive element linked to the benefit we get for you.

Commercial Acquisition
We can search and advise on the acquisition of commercial property. This can be for rent or to buy.

Lease Advice
We provide advice to those taking on a commercial lease. We look at lease terms, rent, condition of the property and repairing obligations. Seeking the advice of a chartered surveyor is generally recommended when taking on a new commercial lease.

We can provide valuations for commercial property. This might be for borrowing, tax, SIPPs, probate or general advice when purchasing a commercial property.

Building Surveys
We provide detailed reports on the condition of property for those looking to rent or purchase a commercial property.

Dilapidation Advice
At the end of a lease a landlord will often serve the tenant with a schedule of dilapidation based on the repairs they believe should be carried out to return the property to a good state of repair in accordance with the lease.

If you have been served with such a notice we can advise you and negotiate the claim with your landlord or their Agent Surveyor.

If you are a landlord looking to serve a schedule of dilapidation we can help with this too.

Schedules of condition
We can arrange a schedule of condition to attach to a new lease. This is used to document the condition of a building, usually at the start of a lease, to limit the tenants repairing liabilities.